7 Of The Indie Covers That Reinvented Legendary Classic Rock Songs

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These indie covers of classic rock songs prove that great music can transcend time and genre. They pay homage to the original songs while also adding something new and fresh, making them worth a listen for both classic rock fans and indie enthusiasts alike.

Classic rock songs have influenced many contemporary artists, and some of them have reimagined and reinterpreted these legendary tunes in their unique ways. Here are seven of the best indie covers of classic rock songs that have reinvented the original and made them fresh again.

“Leaving on a Jet Plane” – My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket’s version of John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane” appeared on the tribute album “The Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver.” The band’s sound is a throwback to old-fashioned rock and roll, and their cover of this classic song has the perfect mix of nostalgia and contemporary energy.


“Harvest Moon” – Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean’s cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” is dreamier and more atmospheric than the original. The band added an indie flavor with the guitars, and Julia Cumming’s vocals are powerful and haunting.


“These Days” – Cat Power

Cat Power’s rendition of “These Days” is soulful and slow, with a moody atmosphere that’s not present in Nico’s original version. The guitar riff is central to both versions, but Cat Power’s version adds an emotional depth that makes it stand out.


“Pale Blue Eyes” – The Kills

The Kills chose The Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes,” a classic rock song that fits their own vibe perfectly. Their version is completely different from the original, with heavy bass and drums that add a rougher edge to the song.


“She Said She Said” – The Black Keys

The Black Keys’ cover of The Beatles’ “She Said She Said” is stripped down to just drums and guitar, but it still has a rough edge that’s characteristic of the band’s style. The drums and guitar are the stars of this version, and they give the song a fresh sound.


“Running Up That Hill” – Placebo

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” became popular again after being featured in “Stranger Things,” but Placebo’s cover of the song is a masterpiece in its own right. Their version is darker and moodier than the original, and it has a haunting quality that’s perfect for the song’s themes.


“Silver Springs” – Lykke Li

Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” has been covered by many artists, but Lykke Li’s version is one of the best. Her vocals have an echoed effect that makes the song dreamier, and the arrangement has a fresh sound that makes it stand out from other covers.