7 Songs To Relive The Career Of Bread

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We All Have Our Piece Of Bread Once In A While

The soft rock band born and bred from Los Angeles, California. “Bread” had 13 songs that peaked the chart on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1970 and 1977.

Surely, some of the best “Bread” songs hit our hearts and soul back in the day. Relive the band’s career with these 7 songs below:


7. Guitar Man

The melody, the lyrics, and the intro really touch your heart. The beginning of the song, from intro to outro is pure awesomeness, and if you’re a guitar player – you’ll surely appreciate this song.


6. Lost Without Your Love

Another “Bread” hit song, proving that they were one of those bands from the era that can express how you feel perfectly. It’s a heartbreaking song, sure, but a song most of us can relate, nonetheless.


5. It Don’t Matter To Me

Everyone had their ups and downs, and there’s nothing you can do about it but to move forward. This song is certainly all about that, a man seeking to find a second chance. One of “Bread’s” best songs — and it just reminds you of a certain period in time.


4. Diary

It’s a simple song, and one of their most significant. The song “Diary” suggests what it really means. An outpoured songwriting ability of David Gates. Story-telling in the most magnificent way.


3. If

Many of “Bread” fans consider this as the band’s best song, — it’s a soulful song that can make you cry. Some considered it an overrated song — not because it is, but because it’s one of the most famous “Bread” songs.


2. Make It With You

The song that peaked the No. 1 position in the Billboard Hot 100, and it’s a no brainer. “Make It With You” makes you feel that you’re the one who wrote it, it understands you — we call it as “Our Song.” “Bread’s” absolutes best!


1. Everything I Own

The most heartbreaking song of “Bread.” David Gate wrote it when his father died. If you carefully listen to it — the message is clear — a song that tells a story of how a son loves his father very dearly. The band had a great run and had many great songs, but this one still is the best of all time.