7 Songs To Summarize The Career Of Genesis

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It’s been a great musical journey for the Genesis despite the lineup changes, every record they have released covered distinctive eras. 

Collins’ era, of course, is one of the great things that happened to the band after Peter Gabriel left.  

The band defined the progressive rock genre in the same manner that Yes and King Crimson did, and became the most respected and beloved progressive rock bands of the 1970s. 

We look back at the 7 Songs That Summarized The Career of Genesis:

7. Invisible Touch

The undisputed masterpiece the band ever recorded – it relaxes you in a total meditation. Released as the title track on their thirteenth studio album, “Invisible Touch.” It was released in June 1986 under Atlantic Records which featured lyrics written by Phil Collins.

6. The Cinema Show

A song loaded with great lyrics such as “once a man, like the sea I raged” — it’s a song that’s wonderful to listen and defines Genesis songwriting capability, as one of the best. Included on the fifth studio album, Selling England by the Pound which was released in October 1973 recorded at Island Studios, London.

5. Land Of Confusion

One of Genesis’s most important songs — you can choose any of Genesis hits, but Land Of Confusion will always be the special one — it’s all about wisdom and rarity. Included as the third track from the album Invisible Touch released in 1986.

4. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

The definition of a perfect by a perfect band. It’s an epic 8 minutes long listen. You will definitely love the part where it goes, “The captain leads his dance right on through the night” reaching to its climax, “dancing on with the moonlit knight, Knights of the green shield stamp and shout.” Released on their album Selling England by the Pound in October 1973. 

3. The Musical Box

A Genesis classic — both band and crowd favorite and played almost at every Genesis during the Peter Gabriel era. Originally released on their third studio album Nursery Cryme in 1971. 

2. Firth of Fifth

Everything about it is beautiful, the piano, organ solos and arguably one of the greatest guitar solos by Steve Hackett. It’s a masterpiece, an epic song released from an epic album, Selling England By The Pound.


1. Supper’s Ready

This song is the best 22 minutes of your life. It deserves to be called the greatest Genesis song, despite Genesis having such an astonishingly wide variety of tracks to choose from their catalog. The recorded version of the song appeared on the 1972 album Foxtrot, and the group always perform the song on stage.