A Randy Meisner Imposter Once Existed

via RandyMeisnerVEVO / Youtube

The late 1970s marked a turning point for the legendary rock band Eagles as they achieved immense success with back-to-back hit albums. However, behind the scenes, tensions and constant performances of the same songs began to take a toll on bassist Randy Meisner. His struggle to hit the high notes in the iconic song “Take It to the Limit” eventually led him to depart from the band in 1977. While Eagles continued with Timothy Schmit, Meisner’s name remained alive in the hearts of fans. Yet, there was an imposter lurking in the shadows, Lewis Peter Morgan, who would weave an audacious web of deception by posing as Meisner for over a decade.

Meisner, the Perfect Target

Lewis Peter Morgan wasn’t new to the world of impersonation. Before his charade as Randy Meisner, he attempted to imitate other well-known figures, but none as successfully as Meisner. Although Morgan lacked musical talent, he had a gift for smooth-talking and dropping names of famous musicians convincingly. His con artistry allowed him to dupe unsuspecting individuals into believing he was the elusive Meisner. What made Meisner an ideal target was his reclusive nature and limited post-Eagles photos, leaving room for Morgan’s deceitful operations.

The Conman is Caught

As Morgan continued his deceptive acts, Meisner was well aware of the imposter. In 1997, Meisner expressed his desire to catch the elusive fraudster, acknowledging Morgan’s slickness in swindling people. Morgan’s cons extended to obtaining expensive custom guitars and basses, selling them to fuel his gambling addiction. The conman’s luck finally ran out in 1998 when he made a crucial mistake. Selling one of the conned basses with Meisner’s forged signature led to his capture. Astonishingly, despite a history of crimes spanning back to 1963, Morgan received a surprisingly lenient 16-month prison sentence.

A Tale of Endless Deception

Though the legal system may have caught up with Lewis Peter Morgan, his life of deception didn’t end there. After his release, he seemingly abandoned the Eagles grift but resurfaced with more outlandish claims. From posing as a Vietnam “marine intel” veteran with the “record for the most amount of sniper kills” to residing in Switzerland, Morgan continued to weave an intricate web of lies. Recent pictures showed him at a poker table in Reno, Nevada, suggesting that his life of deception was far from over.

The astonishing tale of Lewis Peter Morgan’s impersonation of Randy Meisner remains a testament to the power of deception and the allure of celebrity personas. While the Eagles continued their musical journey with Timothy Schmit, Meisner’s legacy remained intact, leaving the world to wonder about the mysteries surrounding the rock ‘n’ roll realm and the enigmatic figures that inhabit it.