Restored And New Mix Of “Imagine” By John Lennon Has Just Surfaced- You’ve Never Heard It Like This

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Greatest Anthem For Peace!

Imagine there’s no heaven,” one of John Lennon’s most intriguing line in his signature song. He wrote the song to take away the fear of the unknown, nations and countries allegiance, and attachments to possessions. Though ironically, “POSSESSION” was one of the problems of the Beatles when they faced deportation.

An ultimate version, restored, remixed, and remastered recently surfaced which highlighted Lennon’s masterpiece which features the simple but timeless message of the song.

The version is not that different from the original, Lennon’s voice though, is not quite ragged of this one, unlike the original. The original version of “Imagine” only showcased Lennon at the microphone and on a piano, and just backed only by his long-time friends Klaus Voormann playing the bass while the future YES drummer Alan White is behind the kit.

John Lennon was guiding us with this song to imagine a place where everything that divides people (religion, possessions, etc.) don’t exist. He envisioned that the world would be a much better place with these kinds of ideas.

Despite being sugarcoated in a mesmerizing melody, the song has a strong political message on it. It was a softer and smart approach that would bring the song to people, who hopefully listened and understood his message.

Lennon was the sole writer of this track, then later credited Yoko Ono, as he got the initial idea from her book Grapefruit, a book which has instructions for things such as “Imagine the sky crying…” or “Imagine you’re a cloud.

“I was a bit more selfish, a bit more macho, and I sort of omitted to mention her contribution,” Lennon told the BBC. “If it had been Bowie, I would have put Lennon-Bowie… I just put ‘Lennon’ because she’s just the wife and you don’t put her name on, right?”

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