A Rundown Of All The Types Of Acoustic Guitars Ever Made

via Paul Davids / Youtube

Acoustic guitars come in a variety of styles, which affects both how they look and sound. When purchasing an acoustic guitar—or any guitar, for that matter—a person usually pays close attention to and is captivated to its visual appeal. Usually, some eye-catching characteristic of a certain guitar kind attracts a guitarist to it.

Although it’s crucial to choose an instrument you enjoy, a deeper examination reveals that the body shape has a bigger impact on the guitar’s tonal characteristics than you would have previously imagined.

Let’s look at a few of the many acoustic guitar body shapes and the rationale behind why a player may choose an instrument based on both its looks and its sound. There are  also some well-known musicians who are masters of each type of acoustic body form in order to aid in developing an ear for each type of instrument.

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