Angus Young Does Duck Walk at Awards Show- Puts Popstars To Shame

Kneel! Pay Respect To The Rock And Roll Gods!

We don’t need your flashy outfits! All we need is the instruments! It’s a freakin show (in this case, A ROCK SHOW)! Not America’s Next Top Model!

That’s how you do it! That’s how you rock the stage! No need for melodramatic acts looking like a hypocrite! Why does musicians today spend so much time with choreography? Seems a waste of…. Tsss… You don’t need to look good to put on a show. AC/DC can definitely teach you a thing or two!

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 06: Brian Johnson (L) and Angus Young (R) AC/DC perform during their ‘Rock or Bust’ World Tour at Etihad Stadium on December 6, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/WireImage)

A true legend needs only a guitar, a bass, a mic, and drums. That’s all they need. Nothing more, nothing less! Every celebrity here are seen head banging, even Paul McCartney! And Whoa, that Lady Gaga’s reaction, you will definitely notice that this gal is a hard rock fan and really knew what’s going on!

Always expect the unexpected! AC/DC embarrassed every pop artists in this performance! That’s just how they roll! IN ROCK WE TRUST! ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER!



Best ROCK AND ROLL Opening performance EVER!!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!!