Actor Javier Bardem Shares AC/DC Helped Him Learn English

via Team Coco / Youtube

Javier Bardem, the renowned and beloved actor, has made a name for himself with his exceptional performances in both Spanish and English-language films. While Bardem has achieved fluency in English over the course of his career, he attributes a significant part of his language-learning journey to the legendary rock band AC/DC.

In a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien’s podcast, “Conan Needs a Friend,” Bardem enthusiastically shared how AC/DC played a vital role in his English language education. “AC/DC, yeah! All the curses, all the bad words I learned from AC/DC, fuck yeah!” Bardem exclaimed with a laugh. “And I’m still learning.”

The actor specifically mentioned AC/DC songs like “If You Want Blood,” “High Voltage,” and “Let There Be Rock” as the ones that helped him in his language-learning endeavor. Bardem, who is now 54 years old, vividly recalled his process of decoding the band’s lyrics when he was younger.

“I will have tapes, I will open the tapes, get the lyrics, and the lyrics were in Spanish. I had to translate it,” Bardem explained. As he tried to make sense of the English words in the songs, he would consult a dictionary to understand their meaning. This meticulous process of deciphering the lyrics allowed him to expand his vocabulary and comprehension.

For Bardem, AC/DC became an unconventional but effective language teacher. “AC/DC helped me learn English because I wanted to learn the lyrics,” he expressed. The band’s music became a gateway for Bardem to immerse himself in English, gradually grasping the meaning of each word and phrase.

Learning a language through music is not uncommon, as music offers an engaging and memorable way to absorb vocabulary and pronunciation. Bardem’s experience with AC/DC exemplifies how a passion for music can drive language acquisition and inspire a deep connection with a foreign language.

Javier Bardem’s journey to English fluency is a testament to his dedication and resourcefulness. Through the power of music and his determination to comprehend AC/DC’s lyrics, Bardem expanded his language skills and paved the way for his successful English-language performances on the silver screen.

As Bardem humorously concluded, “AC/DC gave me the middle finger, and I said, ‘Thank you!’ It was fantastic.” The band’s influence on his language-learning journey remains a fond and significant memory for the acclaimed actor, forever entwined with his passion for music and his mastery of the English language.