Actress Sally Kirkland Shares Her Decades Long Obsession With Bob Dylan

via Awards Show Network / Youtube

Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland has revealed her decades-long infatuation with iconic folk singer Bob Dylan in a candid interview with Daily Mail. The 82-year-old actress shared her enchanting journey of admiration, connection, and unrequited love for the legendary musician who has been an essential part of her life story.

Sally Kirkland’s Encounter with Bob Dylan

Sally Kirkland fondly recollected her first encounter with Bob Dylan, an event that would spark a lifelong fascination. She confessed:

“I was obsessed, oh, God, yeah. He is the reason I am single and is definitely the love of my life.” It was during a performance when she was merely 22 that Kirkland’s heart was captivated by the enigmatic folk singer. She reminisced, “I fell in love with him the second I saw him perform on stage.”

Kirkland’s connection with Dylan took an unexpected turn when they met later on. The actress revealed that her impact on Dylan’s life might have inspired his song “Girl From the North Country.” She recounted, “You remind me of a girl from the North Country,” were the words he uttered, leaving a profound mark on her memory. However, the timing was not in their favor, as Dylan was linked with Joan Baez and later married Sara Lownds.

Sally’s Pursuit to Get Closer to Bob

Sally Kirkland’s determination to be near Bob Dylan led her to make significant life choices. When Dylan relocated to Los Angeles in 1972, Kirkland decided to move as well, showing her unwavering commitment to the musician she held so dearly. She shared:

“I said to myself, ‘I am not going to stop until I am with him.’ So, I moved too.”

On-and-Off Relationship

Over the years, Sally Kirkland and Bob Dylan’s paths crossed intermittently. She disclosed”

“We got together in the late ’70s, had another affair in the mid-’80s, and then another one in the ’90s.” Despite their passionate connection, their busy schedules often led them in separate directions. Kirkland acknowledged the challenges, stating, “Our schedules were so hectic, it was difficult to make it last.” However, she found solace in the belief that their bond extended beyond the present lifetime.

Sally Kirkland shared a unique perspective on her relationship with Bob Dylan. She believed that their connection transcended the constraints of this lifetime. Kirkland professed”

“I felt that we had been together in previous lives, so I was OK with our time spent apart.”

This spiritual outlook seems to have provided her comfort in the midst of their on-and-off relationship.