After All These Years, Ringo Starr Finally Reveals Which Rockstar Turned The Beatles Onto Drugs…

Team Coco / YouTube

Well, The Mystery Has Finally Been Solved… I Guess

Okay, so you most likely know who The Beatles are, and if you don’t, how are you even here? Anyway, The Beatles are probably the most iconic band that has ever played a stage. Some would argue that it’s The Rolling Stones, others say Led Zeppelin, but I say it’s The Beatles, just my opinion.

Keystone-France / Getty Images

So, when you’re the biggest band in music history, you’re constantly under the microscope and you’re constantly in the public eye. So, some things that you’ll do on your own time will be noticeable. One of the things that The Beatles were known for were drugs. It’s pretty common knowledge.

Since they were known for this characteristic, it became synonymous with who they were, but do you known which legendary musician was the first one to introduce The Beatles to drugs? Well, you’re about to find out for yourself! Watch below!