Album Review: “72 Seasons” by Metallica

via Metallica / youtube

After a long wait of seven years, Metallica has finally released their latest album, “72 Seasons,” which was worth the wait. The legendary heavy metal band has once again presented a collection of tracks that are powerful and emotionally charged, reminding everyone why they are still a prominent force in the music industry. Fans always anticipate new album releases as it means the band will go on tour and perform live. Metallica has fulfilled their promise with “72 Seasons,” providing fans with an unforgettable listening experience.

Metallica’s recent albums like “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct” and “Death Magnetic” have featured a distinctive formula that is easily recognizable. If an AI was given the task of creating a Metallica album, it would likely be one of the easiest projects to undertake as the band’s sound is unique and recognizable. Their signature style has evolved over the years, and recent albums have built upon it. From heavy riffs and booming drums to melodic interludes and introspective lyrics, Metallica’s sound is instantly distinguishable. “72 Seasons” follows suit, showcasing the band’s classic elements while also exploring new and exciting directions. The album’s intense energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful musicianship demonstrate Metallica’s enduring talent and creativity.

Reviewing the new Metallica album, ’72 Seasons,’ track by track may be unproductive, as it sticks to their established sound. It is an extension of their previous album, ‘Hardwired…to Self-Destruct,’ featuring heavy metal with intense but not as raw lyrics as their controversial ‘St. Anger’ album. Despite not being groundbreaking, it offers consistent heavy music that would satisfy loyal fans..

James Hetfield’s influence is prominent in the album, serving as the driving force behind the band’s sound, with Lars Ulrich complementing his riffs with the drums. Ulrich’s value, however, lies in production, as seen in his excellent work in the past albums. Kirk Hammett’s guitar tone and solos remain consistent, and Rob Trujillo has a bass intro in ‘Sleepwalk My Life Away,’ a signature feature of his bass-centric albums.

Overall, the album “72 Seasons” is enjoyable and a testament to Metallica’s enduring talent and creativity. The album doesn’t stray too far from the band’s established sound, and it’s a solid and consistent offering that will satisfy longtime fans of their heavy and unyielding sound. James Hetfield’s contributions heavily influence the album, while Lars Ulrich’s production skills shine through. Kirk Hammett’s guitar tone and solos remain consistent, and Rob Trujillo has a standout bass intro in one of the songs. However, a significant change may be necessary for their next album, as Metallica has a long-standing tradition of reinventing themselves. It’s this evolution that has kept them relevant and successful over the years.