Album Review: “Days Of Future Passed ” BY The Moody Blues

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Moody Blues Sets Their Mood To Produce A Strong Album Such As This

Days Of Future Passed is the album where you can leave it on playing from start to finish. It marked their debut transitioning into the psychedelic-era Moody Blues. They produced songs with a more bolder and ambitious approach. As a pop-rock/mainstream band, Moody Blues delighted themselves into taking a new approach artistically with this album, knowing that they were more than capable of creating such a masterpiece.

As a pop/R&B band, they didn’t quite achieve the success they were longing for but instead with this album, they took the spotlight and style change happened. Instead of producing short tracks, they went on to create extended masterpieces joined into one another. Two of their hits were from this album such as “Tuesday Afternoon” and “Nights In White Satin.” Both of these tracks led them to reach an international acclaim success and gave them the status they deserved.

Days Of Future Passed is an album consistently created, put their hard works into something incredible. Most consistent in terms of songwriting efforts and they never turn any tracks from this as a bad one, not even fillers. One the few concept albums that actually works itself out, not something you could say a grand album but it totally follows up progressively instead of tracks joined all together in one album without any relation with each other.

Days of Future Passed achieved what every band during that time could ever dream of, and this album is one you might want to start with if you want to feel of what the Moody Blues represents.