Album Review: “Dog & Butterfly” By Heart

via @SuperKevinheart | Youtube

Probably the last quality album from the sisters for decades to come. The band Heart was known for its electric hard rock side, and then with this album, they showcased their acoustic rock side.

“Dog & Butterfly” is a nice album, nevertheless, you can see the band’s decline and it’s right around their corner — but still, before everything happens, they managed to release a nice album that we would truly enjoy. 

In “Dog & Butterfly” the sisters changed their game a little bit from an eclectic group to more maturity and sophistication. The album was a nice release but it lacks the amount of materials — it only had 8 tracks and mostly are ballad that overpowers the rock tunes. 

The album barely rocks at all but at the same time is an amazing album that is definitely worth a listen. It is their most mellow and yet has the power and edge than the rest of the releases during the time. 

Dog & Butterfly was recorded at Sea-West Studios, in Seattle, and was released on October 7, 1978. It was Sue Ennis who helped the sisters to write some of the tracks on the album. 

Amusingly, despite the album being unusual in terms of its tone – Dog & Butterfly peaked at number seventeen on the Billboard album chart and was certified double platinum. Sadly, it would become the last album to feature guitarist Roger Fisher.