Album Review: “Eat a Peach” by The Allman Brothers Band 1972

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Eat a Peach: A Powerful Example Of The Band’s Versatility!

The album was Allman Brothers Band tribute to their dearly departed Duane Allman. It’s a double album and indeed the essential Allman Brothers Band recording showing their many sides as a band.

After the tragic death of their band leader, due to a motorcycle accident during this album’s recording, it resulted into something like a patchwork, and only includes three leftover studio tracks with Duane, and three live songs leftover from the Fillmore concerts, and added three new records without Duane.

Luckily, the remaining two brothers managed to pick up the pace to fill what was left behind, and it led them to build an incredible album and its overall quality was amazingly high.

They started the album with their new studio songs without Duane — an intent to showcase with those three tracks that they can still do it without their leader, and then next are the live versions of their majestic performance at the Fillmore concerts — and lastly, the three tracks Duane managed to record before he passed away.

The Allman Brothers managed to survive and maintain the legacy of guitarist Duane Allman in the midst of the “Eat A Peach,” and unexpectedly provided their fans with an extraordinary double album that showcased their immense talent and many artistic sides.

In many ways, it became a tribute to the late Duane Allman but overall, a great album containing a handful of incredible songs the Allmans ever wrote.