Album Review: “Get Your Wings” by Aerosmith

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In 1974 Aerosmith released their second studio album before their breakthrough with the following studio record “Toys in the Attic.“ With the album, Aerosmith finally found their sound — Steven Tyler’s voice matured into a more raspy sounding and the rest of the group rocks out harder than their usual bluesy debut.

“Get Your Wings” is a true fan favorite album from Aerosmith. However, the majority prefer “Rocks” or “Toys in the Attic,” which are undoubtedly also great. With this second studio album, blues-rock gave way to Aerosmith to rock harder. But of course, the blues is still an immensely important part of Aerosmith’s music. But overall the degree of hardness is a lot higher than their debut.

Get Your Wings is a true gem, and this is the album where a lot of the 80s’ glam rock and metal band got their style from; the album really shows on how much of an impact that the band contributed to those who came after them.

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Usually, when it comes to Aerosmith albums, Toys in the Attic is unanimously recommended because it includes their hit “Walk this way.” But this is the rawest Aerosmith was/is, and their best era where they blended their early influences with a distinctly original edge and create a signature sound that defined them as America’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band. It definitely picked up where the debut left off which is where the appeal is.

Overall, the album has no filler and is really fun. The songs do not get old even after repeated listening.

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