Album Review: “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It” By AC/DC

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The only live album released when Bon Scott, the legendary first vocalist of AC / DC, was still alive, is this “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It”, a short compilation of songs taken from the album presentation tour ” Powerage ”.

Ten hard rock songs of blues seed and classic Chuck Berry style rock’n’roll produced by Easybeats Vanda & Young and displayed with energy and bravery by Scott’s drunken vocals, the guitar maneuvers of one of the great gods of the riff, Angus Young inflaming his Gibson SG, and the beefy rhythm section of Malcolm Young (essential in the AC / DC sound with his Gretsch), Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd.

Throughout the LP, where institutional rebellion and sexual appetite are riveted without losing the irony and sense of humor, you can listen to live cuts of songs included in “Powerage”, such as “Riff Raff” or “Rock ‘ n’ roll Damnation “, and classics from the group of previous works such as” High Voltage “or” Let There Be Rock “, highlighting the interpretations of” Hell Ain’t a Bad Place To Be “,” Whole Lotta Rosie “,” Bad Boy Boogie ”or“ Problem Child ”, a powerful single track, fibrous riff, that specifies what hard rock has to be. Simple, without excesses, without artifice. Just vibrant rock’n’roll with intense performances.

It’s a shame that phenomenal previous cuts like “It’s a Long Way To The Top”, “TNT”, “Live Wire” or “Sin City” (from “Powerage”) had not been included in this album to enrich their catalog of songs. .