Album Review: “Led Zeppelin III”

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When Led Zeppelin released their third studio album, “Led Zeppelin III” – it forever changed the landscape of rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal. 

Released in 1970, originally produced by the band itself. “Led Zeppelin III” is the most worst-reviewed album during the first half of their career and even considered as a failure due to the fact that the band included too many acoustic-flavored songs. 

Critics found little love for “Led Zepplin III” despite having such incredible heartwarming songs such as “Since I’ve Been Loving You” — which was the most faithful song to their blues predecessors. 

It was the most misunderstood album of all time — confused the critics but truly brokered their way to the “LEGEND” status. The critics weren’t kind to them because the album was something new and fresh that the new generation was searching at the time – it wasn’t Beatles or Stones. 

It was Robert Plant’s idea in making the album with a new approach: 

“It was time to take stock, and not get lost in it all,” Plant said later.

After the album’s release, Page finally spoke out against the critics:

“There is another side to us’’ he said. “Everyone in the band is going through changes. There are changes in the playing and the lyrics. Robert is really getting involved in his lyric writing. This album was to get across more versatility and use combinations of instruments. I haven’t read any reviews yet, but people have got to give the LP a reasonable hearing.’’

Despite what the critics had to say, Zeppelin simply settled and went on their way as they always had, as soon as it was released they’ve begun writing new materials that would be included on their biggest album ever: Led Zeppelin IV. With the same approach, they did on their third studio album, later on, they would produce one of the greatest compositions of all-time, Stairway To Heaven — and all the critics were absolutely damned.