Album Review: “Life and Times” BY Joe Croce

via @Southern Rocker | Youtube

The Weary And Rugged Man’s Finest Album

No one ever knew that the man who was only at his 30, during the time would produce such an iconic album. 

The album title surely is something you can say “usual” and without any artistic concept, but it contains a lot more of what you would have never expected. Jim Croce, being at his 30 that time is one of the hottest songwriters in the country during the release of this album. You might say the age of 30 is something you think of as a veteran songwriter but to Jim, it’s another story, with that age he managed to travel a lot and worked many dead-end jobs before reaching the spotlight as a musician. Fascinating, he did it in one take, with his number 1 hit “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,” a catchy rocknroller tune. 

Life & Times truly captivated his fans and people who only wanted to hear mellow and great chill-out music. It got what it takes, the ballads, some upbeat songs, and even down and dirty blues which Jim Croce does best. 

The album was indeed very compact and it provides a handful of top-notch songwriting gems.