Album Review: “Little Queen” by Heart

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When Heart released their debut album, Dreamboat Annie n 1973, it took them four years to follow up with the second album, Little Queen. 

Little Queen reached Top 10 of the Billboard album chart and went triple platinum despite it being feared its sales would diffuse. It achieved, not only commercial success, but a record that is important in the history of music, and many of Heart’s fans considered the album as the band’s greatest work of art. 

The album introduced as with the lead track and first single, Barracuda. A music that would shock everyone — filled with an undeniably amazing guitar riff and Ann’s vocals would soar up high reaching to heaven, and probably beyond. 

“We were unusual among friends at school in that we wanted to wanted to be The Beatles rather than marry them” – Ann Wilson

Little Queen was one of the reasons why the late 70s’ was one of the best eras of rock music. After releasing the album, they would follow up immediately with Magazine, and it seriously followed in the footsteps of Little Queen. 

The album was also the evidence that the first phase of Heart’s career was one of their best, and surely this album is the overall favorite of every fan. 

1977 was the year when Led Zeppelin was dominating the rock scene. Little Queen, on the other hand, was the only GREATEST RECORD at the time that Led Zeppelin didn’t record.

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