Album Review: “Lonely And Blue” By Roy Orbison

via @datsmay1976 | Instragram

The album that brought Roy Orbison to stardom, featuring the first massive hit singles ‘Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel),’ ‘Blue Angel,’ and ‘I’m Hurtin’.’

With Lonely And Blue Roy Orbison found a formula that would surprise, and get abuse by thousands of imitators. Those string arrangements, the exquisite choirs, the lyrics about tragic love and especially the unique voice of Orbison are the best thing that happened to this album, as they are the main recipe for producing such an incredible debut LP. 

Roy’s definitely got one of the very finest voices in the history of music, and he surely displayed it on this album — which made this pretty damned over the top. 

Overall, the album’s sound quality is a stellar plus with Roy’s vocals made the sounding so crisp and clear. Lonely and Blue was his first album release and finds himself consolidating his pop sound. He was a better interpreter than the others, as he would interpret some of the hit songs of the days. It was a great debut album by a future rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Famer.

It’s a great album. It’s short, of course, because this is 1960, after all, but really, there’s not much you can call filler. So keep going and listen to the full album below: