Album Review: “Loud N’ Proud” by Nazareth

via @Southern Rocker | Youtube

Musically, the album is one of the best things we have ever heard, however not in terms of sound. Most of the pressings, whether vinyl or CD, sound rather distorted through headphones.

The album is kept at a fairly fast pace, in a similar style although in my opinion a bit weaker than its predecessor. This album showcased a Hard-Rock Nazareth. This album is the third album of the group which definitively found its way out of the spirit of the 60s’ still present on the eponymous album of 1971 and “exercises” of 1972.

Loud And Proud is a strong album where Nazareth managed to hit an aggressive rock n’ roll stride without faking it and they definitely never let up. To some extent, they managed to go with the most traditional, boogie-woogie, rock n’ roll album — Nazareth clearly exemplified on “Teenage Nervous Breakdown,” while “Free Wheeler,” reminds you of AC/DC. Overall, the album have moments of aggression, experimentation, prog, utter heaviness, and emotion which make it a rare, and a very interesting album.

This is classic garage rocker with raw licks and heavy kicks. Keep going below and listen to the full album: