Album Review: “St Louis To Liverpool ” By Chuck Berry

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In November 1964, Chuck Berry proves once again that he is the king of rock, after the release of his seventh studio album and tenth album overall, St Louis To Liverpool.

Tracks like “You Never Can Tell” make this album one of the favorites. Although without issues, it’s hard to admit that the odd one looks a bit lazy. But there are a lot of greatest moments here on this album, such as ‘Little Marie’ (an adaption of ‘Memphis’), ‘No Particular Place to Go’ (based on the song ‘School Days’), the great ‘Promised Land’, a song that Elvis Presley will take for his later 70’s show program, the twistable ‘You Never Can Tell’, the blues cover ‘Things I Used to Do’ (first recorded by Eddie ‘Guitar Slim’ Jones in 1953) and the cool instrumental ‘Night Beat’.

This album stands as a fine revival of the pure original rhythm and rock idea. Chuck Berry resurrected the pure spirit of rock from the roots of St. Louis to the following beat generation of Liverpool’s the Beatles. 

Keep in mind that this was released during the height of Beatlemania and Chuck Berry was surprisingly good on this album. Sadly, it was kinda overshadowed by the musical British Invasion. 

The album is short but fun. It’s enjoyable and contains a handful of classic songs. Chuck Berry the only one who can do Chuck berry thing, playing hot and fast rock & roll combining it with his catchy lyrics. 

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