Album Review: “Tattoo You” By The Rolling Stones

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[post-gallery]I never thought we’d say this, but the Rolling Stones leftovers sound f*cking good! What is the grace of the Stones’ “last great album”? That in these 11 tracks one can hear a great band making very good music and also having an excellent time, which is not so obvious in the rest of their records we’ve heard. They do what they want, and that it turns out well, it is greatly appreciated.

The album very popular in its time, quadruple platinum in the United States where it was ranked No. 1, Tatoo You is nonetheless one of the most controversial Stones records and still arouses, decades later, particularly lively and sharp reactions.

The last big album by the Rolling Stones and their best work since the “Exile on Main Street” of 1972. Great … masterful, it is also one of the great albums of the ’80s!

It marks a new peak in the popularity of the band returning to the charts with the single “Start Me Up”, which becomes one of the most played of the year. Outside of that little gem with which he opens the lp, he continues with a good rock ‘n roll classic on all side A with a fairly even level. Side B is delightfully influenced by jazzy airs, saxophones, and black choirs and falsettos, being completely relaxed and almost ethereal at times.

Overall, Tattoo You was a “fashionable” album of an already old group during 1981, and the tour that followed was tremendous, the group showed how it had been one of the few old school bands that had survived with good music and sounding, to the punk and new wave music that was in vogue at the time.

Listen to the full album below