Album Review: “The Stranger” by Billy Joel

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The Definition Of Black-and-White, The Stranger. And Regardless How Dark or Light The Album, It’s One Thing That We Can Call A “Classic.”

Every album has its own special vibes, especially when done right, and that’s what Billy Joel did for his album The Stranger. 

He showcased a wide variety of genres throughtout and despite Joel’s soft style, he still delivers some tracks from the album with jazz, folk, and even hard rock. 

For whatever reason, not all people are born with the particular gift of being able to express ourselves through music. And, believe me, it is a gift.
– Billy Joel

The ballads, on the other hand, are definitely worth a listen, each of these ballads displayed Billy Joel’s excellence in his career. Some tracks delve as well with a hybrid of a ballad and a rocker sounding, but most of them are in the ballad territory, which of course is a Billy Joel thing. He was always humble, especially with his piano rock side, and he showed it on this album. 

The Stranger is not your typical album, mixed with emotion, technicality, moods, and the total atmospheres, and storytelling defines how Billy Joel was very different and his abilities were indeed beyond most rock artists’ possessed. There are no bad songs in the album, but of course, it all comes down with musical taste, and that’s an impressive accomplishment considering how inconsistent Billy Joel was with his discography. 

Listen to the full album below: