Alice Cooper Features Tom Morello On New Single “White Line Frankenstein”

via earMUSIC / Youtube

Following the release of his single “I’m Alice” just a month ago, the iconic artist has now unleashed another hard-hitting track titled “White Line Frankenstein.” What makes this release even more exciting is the special appearance of none other than Tom Morello, the renowned guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, who adds his electrifying touch to the song. With the combined talents of Alice Cooper and Tom Morello, “White Line Frankenstein” promises to be a monster of a rock anthem.

Unveiling “White Line Frankenstein” – A Monstrous Creation

With the release of “White Line Frankenstein,” Alice Cooper takes listeners on a thrilling ride into a world of his own creation. Explaining the concept behind the track, Cooper shares,

“White Line Frankenstein is a monster that we created. It’s a truck driver who’s been out there a long time. He’s the king of the road. He doesn’t live in a house. He lives in that truck.

“In the song, this surreal tough guy is driving on white lines for his whole life. So, White Line Frankenstein would be his CB handle. It’s monstrous and definitely a stage song.”

Tom Morello’s Fiery Collaboration

Alice Cooper’s “White Line Frankenstein” not only showcases his timeless artistry but also features the exceptional talent of Tom Morello. As the legendary guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, Morello is renowned for his innovative and fiery guitar playing. His contribution to “White Line Frankenstein” elevates the track to new heights, infusing it with a unique blend of hard rock, alternative, and funk-inspired elements. The collaboration between Alice Cooper and Tom Morello promises an explosive and unforgettable listening experience for fans of both artists. This union of musical forces adds an extra layer of excitement to the forthcoming album “Road.”

Anticipating “Road” – A Rock Journey

With “Road” set to hit the music scene on August 25, the anticipation for Alice Cooper’s album is reaching a fever pitch. Fans eagerly await the full release, hoping to experience the musical journey that Alice Cooper has meticulously crafted. As a pioneer of shock rock and a master of theatrical performances, Cooper’s artistry has stood the test of time, and “Road” is expected to be a testament to his enduring legacy. With each new release, including “White Line Frankenstein,” Alice Cooper builds anticipation for what is to come, and it is certain that his new album will solidify his position as one of rock music’s most iconic figures.

Listen to the new single below: