Alison Krauss Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Honor Memorial Day During PBS’ 2019 Concert

via Capital Concerts / Youtube

Singers from various genres have gathered for one crucial reason over the past three decades. to remember the fallen heroes of America.

Alison Krauss was just another country music performer that attended the 2019 National Memorial Day Concert. The popular Christian hymn “Amazing Grace,” sung by the vocalist with an angelic voice, was an appropriate choice for the occasion.

Krauss played the violin to start the performance. You could have heard a pin drop in the crowd at that moment because it was that silent.


Krauss transitioned into singing following her brief instrumental solo. All who witnessed her were spellbound by her lovely, soothing voice, which effortlessly flew over the words.

The moment Krauss began singing in memory of their lost comrades, the camera turned to a group of veterans in the audience who seemed in wonder at her talent.

As the show went on, Krauss’ performance got bigger and grander, with additional instrumentals and finally a backup chorus joining her. The song’s final few words ended up being its most impactful ones as a result. Those final lyrics are certain to give you shivers if you didn’t already have them at that moment in the performance. Watch Krauss’ Memorial Day rendition of “Amazing Grace” to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.