All The Ladies That Vince Neil Dated

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This article includes details on the individuals Vince Neil dated. There have been many Vince Neil romances, flings, and marriages as the renowned frontman of Motley Crue. The majority of Vince Neil’s lovers have been celebrities or models, however, he has also had intimate relationships with artists. Vince Neil allegedly had affairs with rock groupies.

Rain Andreani

Since 2011, Vince Neil has been seeing make-up artist Rain Andreani.


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Alicia Jacobs

Vince Neil’s romance with Alicia Jacobs did not end well. After reportedly trying to intimidate Jacobs, he was held by personnel at the Las Vegas Hilton in 2011. They had allegedly concluded their seven-month romance just a few days before.


Lia Gerardini

Vince Neil wedded Lia Gerardini in 2005. They divorced in 2010.


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Vince Neil allegedly dated in the 1990s.


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Heidi Mark

In 2001, Heidi Mark asked for a divorce from Vince Neil. They were only married for a year.


Peggy Trentini

In her book Once Upon a Star, Peggy Trentini talked regarding her amorous contacts with Vince Neil as well as other celebs.


Pamela Anderson

Vince Neil reportedly dated Pamela Anderson prior to marrying his Motley Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee.


Shannen Doherty

Vince Neil and Shannen Doherty had a romantic relationship in the early 1990s.



While Ron Jeremy was present, Vince Neil allegedly had Vanessa Marcilintercourse with Savannah.


Gina Fine

Vince Neil is said to have dated adult film star Gina Fine.


Vanessa Marcil

Vince Neil allegedly dated Vanessa Marcil.


Tori Spelling

Vince Neil allegedly had a brief relationship with Tori Spelling.


Sharise Neil

Vince and Sharise Neil married in 1987 and divorced in 1993. Skylar, their four-year-old daughter, died of cancer when she was just four years old.


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Lorraine Lewis

When Vince Neil was still wed to his wife Sharise, Lorraine Lewis claimed that they “hung out.”


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Beth Lynn

For five years, from 1981 to 1985, Vince Neil and Beth Lynn were married.


Lovey Graham

Lovey Graham was presumably Vince Neil’s girlfriend.


Tami Jones

Vince Neil dated Tami Jones while still in high school. She became pregnant with his son, Neil Jason Warton, who was in 1978.