All The Times Ozzy Osbourne Duets With Other Artists

via Ozzy Osbourne / Youtube

Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic Prince of Darkness, has not only made a significant impact on music with his solo career and his role in Black Sabbath but has also left his mark as a guest artist on numerous tracks by other musicians. Throughout his career spanning over four decades, Ozzy has lent his distinct voice and unmistakable presence to a variety of collaborations. In this compilation of duets, we explore 24 instances where Ozzy Osbourne joined forces with other artists to create memorable musical moments.

Ozzy Osbourne’s extensive list of duets showcases his versatility as an artist and his ability to collaborate with musicians from various genres. From rock and metal to hip-hop and electronic music, Ozzy’s distinct voice and stage presence have made these collaborations memorable and significant in the world of music. As the Prince of Darkness continues to make his mark on the industry, fans eagerly anticipate future collaborations that will undoubtedly add to his legacy as one of rock’s most iconic figures.

Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne – “Close My Eyes Forever” (1988)

Teaming up with fellow rocker Lita Ford, Ozzy delivers a haunting and emotional performance on this power ballad, which remains one of his most well-known duets.


Gary Moore featuring Ozzy Osbourne – “Led Clones” (1989)

Joining forces with guitar virtuoso Gary Moore, Ozzy adds his unique vocal style to this hard-hitting track that addresses the issue of music plagiarism.


Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Bruno, and Billy Connolly with Mike Batt and the London Philharmonic Orchestra – “The War Song of the Urpneys” (1990)

In an unexpected collaboration, Ozzy teams up with British comedian Billy Connolly and boxer Frank Bruno for this whimsical tune from the animated TV series “The Dreamstone.”


Bill Ward – “Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays)” and “Jack’s Land” (1990)

Reuniting with his former Black Sabbath bandmate, drummer Bill Ward, Ozzy contributes his vocals to these two tracks that showcase their musical chemistry.


Alice Cooper – “Hey Stoopid” (1991)

Joining forces with the legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper, Ozzy delivers a memorable guest performance on the title track of Cooper’s album.


Infectious Grooves – “Therapy” (1991)

In this funk-metal collaboration, Ozzy lends his voice to the infectious grooves of the band, resulting in a dynamic and energetic track.


Motorhead – “I Ain’t No Nice Guy” (1992)

Teaming up with the legendary rock band Motorhead, Ozzy adds his distinctive vocals to this gritty and introspective song.


Was (Not Was) – “Shake Your Head” (1992)

Contributing his unmistakable voice to this dance-rock track, Ozzy’s collaboration with Was (Not Was) adds a unique flavor to the song.


Therapy? with Ozzy Osbourne – “Iron Man” (1994)

Teaming up with Irish alternative rock band Therapy?, Ozzy delivers a powerful rendition of the Black Sabbath classic “Iron Man,” infusing it with his signature vocal style.


Miss Piggy featuring Ozzy Osbourne – “Born to Be Wild” (1995)

In a whimsical and unexpected duet, Ozzy joins forces with the beloved Muppet character Miss Piggy for a playful rendition of the classic rock anthem.


Crystal Method with DMX, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Ozzy Osbourne – “Nowhere to Run” (1998)

This genre-blending collaboration brings together electronic music duo Crystal Method, rappers DMX and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Ozzy Osbourne, resulting in a dynamic and high-energy track.


Ringo Starr – “Vertical Man” (1998)

Contributing his vocals to the title track of Ringo Starr’s album, Ozzy adds a touch of rock and edge to this upbeat and catchy tune.


Rick Wakeman featuring Ozzy Osbourne – “Buried Alive” (1999)

Joining forces with keyboardist Rick Wakeman, Ozzy delivers a haunting and atmospheric performance on this epic rock track.


Coal Chamber – “Shock the Monkey” (1999)

Teaming up with alternative metal band Coal Chamber, Ozzy lends his vocals to this cover of Peter Gabriel’s hit song, infusing it with his own unique style.


Wu-Tang Clan, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tony Iommi – “For Heaven’s Sake 2000” (2000)

In a collaboration that bridges different genres, Ozzy joins forces with the legendary hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi for this hard-hitting track.


Iommi featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward – “Who’s Fooling Who” (2000)

Reuniting with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward, Ozzy contributes his vocals to this powerful track that showcases their chemistry as a band.


Busta Rhymes featuring Ozzy Osbourne – “This Means War” (2000)

In a surprising collaboration, Ozzy lends his distinctive voice to this hip-hop track by Busta Rhymes, adding a touch of rock and intensity to the song.


Rob Zombie – “Iron Head” (2001)

Teaming up with industrial metal artist Rob Zombie, Ozzy delivers a powerful and intense performance on this hard-hitting track.


Black Label Society – “Stillborn” (2003)

Joining forces with Zakk Wylde’s band Black Label Society, Ozzy contributes his iconic vocals to this heavy and anthemic song.


Mountain – “Masters of War” (2007)

In a collaboration that brings together rock legends, Ozzy joins forces with the iconic band Mountain for this cover of Bob Dylan’s classic protest song.


Alice Cooper – “Wake the Dead” (2008)

Reuniting with Alice Cooper once again, Ozzy adds his distinctive voice to this energetic and catchy track that pays homage to the spirit of rock and roll.


Slash featuring Ozzy Osbourne – “Crucify the Dead” (2010)

Teaming up with guitar virtuoso Slash, Ozzy delivers a captivating performance on this hard-rocking track from Slash’s debut solo album.


Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott – “Take What You Want” (2019)

In a collaboration that spans generations and genres, Ozzy joins forces with rapper/singer Post Malone and Travis Scott for this emotionally charged and melodic track.


Ozzy Osbourne featuring Elton John – “Ordinary Man” (2020)

In a poignant and introspective collaboration, Ozzy teams up with the legendary Elton John for the title track of his album “Ordinary Man,” creating a powerful and moving duet.