Angus Young Is Making New AC/DC Album For Axl Rose To Sing

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Good News Or Bad News?

AC/DC faced a lot of struggles over the past few years, with the death of one of the founding members of the band, rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, as well as the departures of drummer Phil Rudd, singer Brian Johnson and bassist Cliff Williams. But lead guitarist Angus Young is still kicking it – and according to Rose Tattoo singer Angry Anderson, Angus is planning to make an album for Axl Rose to sing.

Anderson said during his recent interview with the Rockpit that Angus Young would still carry the band’s name forward with Axl Rose fronting AC/DC, who took over the mic after Brian Johnson left the group due to chronic hearing loss. Although Rose was just technically a replacement to help the band to finish what supposed to be its final tour, Anderson said Angus told him he’s in the works for some new material while keeping Rose in mind.

“I said to him ‘What are you going to do?’ and he said ‘Mate, I’m writing a new album,'” Anderson shared. “I asked him who was in the band and he said ‘Axl.’ Brian’s not there, Phil’s not there, Cliff’s not there, sadly, Malcolm’s not there.”

After the big revelation, it will obviously make a ruckus making a lot of AC/DC fans disappointed.

“Yes, it’s sad that the original lineup aren’t there anymore, but it’s the songs. People who have supported them all the way through their career, they want to hear the songs.” Anderson