Angus Young Reveals His Favorite AC/DC Song

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As a devoted follower of a legendary rock group like AC/DC, it can be an incredibly daunting task to pick just one favorite song. Each tune carries a unique blend of feelings and memories, making it difficult to select a clear winner.

Being an AC/DC musician can make it challenging to choose a favorite song as each track holds both personal and creative significance. Angus Young, the co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, faced this exact predicament in 2020. The band was established by Malcolm and Angus Young in Sydney, Australia, in 1973, with a vision of creating timeless rock music. Their high-energy live performances and iconic hits led to worldwide success, cementing their status as one of the most enduring rock bands in history. Despite maintaining their core sound, AC/DC has experimented with various musical styles and production techniques to keep their music fresh and engaging for fans. This creative flexibility, along with other factors, has contributed to their sustained success over the years.

Angus Young, the lead guitarist and one of the key founders of AC/DC, played an important role in creating their signature sound by crafting those iconic riffs and solos. Young has been part of the band’s songwriting process throughout their history to keep their unique sound consistent. In a 2020 interview with Vulture, he admitted that he has a soft spot for AC/DC’s songs, which made it tough for him to pick a favorite since he has contributed to every song since the band started. But in the end, he went for ‘Riff Raff’ for its tricky guitar work and ‘Thunderstruck’ for its overall composition.

“Oh, jeez. That can be very tough. I’m biased because I’ve been on them all, you know? [Laughs.] If I was just thinking of the guitar, since I’m a guitar player, I’d say ‘Riff Raff.’ The guitar work was a challenge but interesting in the way the song rolled out. That’s my guitar answer. But if it’s for a whole song, ‘Thunderstruck‘ is a big one. I like that answer.”

Picking a favorite AC/DC song is tough, even for Angus Young himself. As one of the band’s founding members and lead guitarist, Young’s personal touch is evident in every track, from the intricate guitar work to the overall song structure. This has helped shape AC/DC’s distinctive sound and cement its place in music history. So, don’t feel bad if you can’t pick just one favorite AC/DC song – even the band’s own guitarist has a hard time!