Artificial Intelligence Makes Beach Boys Cover The Beatles’ ‘God Only Knows’

via @memes_mundo_beatles | Youtube

The moral implications of AI technology in the music industry have sparked a heated debate among fans and artists in recent months. While some, like Peter Gabriel, endorse its use, others have expressed concerns. Now, surviving members of legendary bands The Beatles and The Beach Boys are adding their voices to the discussion. Recently, fans have used platforms such as ChatGPT to create seemingly seamless tracks using the voices of popular artists, including Rihanna, Drake, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and Kanye West.

Fans have been using various platforms to create seamless tracks using the voices of both modern pop artists and legendary musicians from the past. These include crossovers such as The Beatles singing The Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’ and Paul McCartney offering lead vocals on songs from The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Nirvana. There are also reproductions of iconic singers such as Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, and Kurt Cobain singing songs by other artists. However, there are concerns that this technology poses a threat to human-created art as AI technology advances.

The AI-generated cover of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” by The Beatles has a special sentimental value as it is considered to be Paul McCartney’s favorite song of all time. McCartney has praised the song for its brilliance, saying that it reduces him to tears every time he hears it. He also expressed admiration for Brian Wilson’s genius in creating the song.

You can listen to the AI version of the song below.