Axl Rose And Mickey Rourke Mistaken As Married Couple on Canadian News

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LOL! Best wishes to Axl and Mickey?

A Canadian news broadcast hilariously mistook a now viral photo of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose and actor Mickey Rourke as an old married couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The V News Station in Eastern Canada broadcasts anniversary wishes in TV and included a picture of Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke in their roster of wedding anniversary celebrants.

It all started when Mickey and Axl’s photo together first surfaced online earlier this month from Newsmax host John Cardillo’s Twitter account with the caption,

No, these are not two retired school teachers waiting for their grandkids dance recital to begin while their husbands find parking. This is Mickey Rourke and Axl Rose at a boxing match in LA over the weekend.

A local news broadcast was then pranked into showing the said photo on TV and mistakenly identified them as old married couple named Max and Geraldine Bailey celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The clip of the news broadcast was then posted and shared by Twitter user @KatlynNoelle88, who took a video of  the recent segment of the news show celebrating birthdays and anniversary. That’s when she recognized Max and Geraldine Bailey are actually Mickey Rourke and Axl Rose! Check out the clip below:




The original photo was taken by a fan at a boxing match in Los Angeles.  It has now sparked memes and jokes that will never die on Twitter.