Axl Rose Just Went Savage On First Lady Melania Trump via Twitter

Axl Axes Melania on Social Media

The Guns N’ Roses front man attacks First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter, calling her an “alleged former hooker” and questions her immigration status in the U.S.

Axl Rose is not known to be nicest celebrity, not even on social media. So when he went on a tweeting spree “attacking” Melania Trump, it did not come as a surprise. Not especially so, during the current political climate.

Rose’s tweets stemmed from news outlets everywhere recently reporting that Melania Trump (neé Knauss) obtained an EB-1 visa from her native Slovenia in 2001. The EB-1 visa is also known as an “Einstein Visa”, awarded very rarely to individuals who “demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim.” Applicants can also “demonstrate international recognition for outstanding achievements in a particular academic field.”

The controversy with the visa comes from reports that Melania dropped out of college during her freshman year before becoming a model, thus, making many people, including Rose, question how she was awarded an Einstein Visa. Further research leads to questioning Trump’s involvement in Melania’s successful EB-1 visa application, since Melania met Donald Trump in 1998, famously being photographed nude on Trump’s private jet for a 2000 issue of British GQ. This special EB-1 visa also paved the way for Melania’s parents to move to the U.S. via “chain migration,” a practice which President Trump now aims to end.

Axl Rose went savage on Mrs. Trump on March 1st in a series of tweets:


This is in reference to Thomas Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.