Band Covers ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ When Their Drummer Just Went Crazy

Vladimir Kiryushin / YouTube

If there is a band with an unmistakable sound, supremely enjoyable and simple, that is ZZ Top, this band extracts its roots from blues, among other genres, and achieves a unique and very special sound.

With the band comes another mega-hit, “Sharp Dressed Man”.

With its central riff, simple but with a lot of personalities, this song has a generally more sophisticated, more modern sound, more innovative if you like.

It is impossible to resist the unbridled boogie of ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ and its cutting riffs, which invite us to be unconcerned, and to remember, of course, “that all girls go crazy for a well dressed man”. And alongside catchy boogie rock and pop, there’s also a chance to slow down the little Ford.

In the video below, we find a band covering ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man The song is driven by a marked and constant riff full of distortion, which generates the structure of the song, maintaining it with quality during its duration leading to their drummer going crazy behind his kit!

Keep going for the video below: