Band Sounds Like Pure Classic Rock – Better Than Greta Van Fleet?

Blues Kitchen TV / YouTube

California Rockers Return With Rolling Stones Cover

We’ve been saying it for years: Rival Sons are the truth when it comes to good old fashioned rock and roll.

With a singer who walks that fine line between Baptist church revival and rockstar, a guitar player for whom nothing is impossible, and a world class rhythm section that always knows just how and when to shake things up, Rival Sons are far and away one of the best bands to emerge over the last decade.

Just days removed from the release of their latest album Feral Roots (which, by the way, is an absolute masterpiece and you’d do well to run right on over to Spotify or Apple Music or whatever you’re using these days and check it out), Rival Sons are showing off their classic rock chops once more – this time, with a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses”.

Filmed from the comfort of East London’s famed Blues Kitchen, Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan and guitarist Scott Holiday team up with nothing but two guitars, great acoustics, and a whole lot of soul for this 1971 Rolling Stones classic. Suddenly, “Wild Horses” takes on this bittersweet, achingly gorgeous bluegrass sound with the help of Jay’s slide guitar work, further driving home the song’s overall feeling of fiercely missing someone back home while you’re on the road pursuing your dream.

Blues Kitchen TV / YouTube

If nothing else, Rival Sons and this performance prove that yes, it is possible to celebrate the sounds and textures and influences of the old guard of rock and roll music while still maintaining your own sound, and still create something that sounds everything and nothing like what you’re used to.

Check out Jay and Scott’s incredible “Wild Horses” performance in the video below, and don’t forget to check out Rival Sons’ new album Feral Roots while you’re at it!