Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Played a 15-Year-Long Prank on Ad-Rock

The Beastie Boys is out and about promoting their newest book, so straightforwardly titled The Beastie Boys Book. They made their late night talk show rounds, appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Adam Horovitz (known as Ad-Rock) shared the anecdote of how he became the target a 15-year-long prank by the late Adam Yauch (known as MCA), who died of cancer at the age of 47 in 2012.

Ad-Rock began recounting that back in 1992, he received an unusual gift from a fan during one of the band’s shows.

“This guy kind of cornered me,” he said. “He just looked odd. He had, like, big, huge teeth and really long arms. He cornered me and he said: ‘I really want you to have my ring.'”

Confused, Horovitz eventually accepted the ring and took it home with him. He left it on a shelf and completely forgot about it. Until the time they were on a train to a show in DC, Horovitz discovered that the ring had mysteriously appeared in his bag even if he had just placed it on the shelf. That was in 1992. Cut to 2007 while they were on tour, something freaky happened.

Horovitz described: “I go to my backpack and the ring’s in there. So I was freaking out.”

He added,  “About a week later, Yauch pulled me aside on tour and went: ‘Hey man, I put that ring in your bag.’ But it was 15 years later.”

In their late night show appearance, Mike-D also explained how they came up with the name Beastie Boys.


This story can be found in The Beastie Boys Book which is a 600-page tome and it also includes a number of more fascinating and funny stories about the band. Watch Ad-Rock tell the funny prank story below: