Beloved Celebrities That Have Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease. Therefore, it is not strange that all of us know someone who lives with this disease closely. Among these thousands of anonymous cases, famous people with Parkinson’s give more visibility to the disease, thanks to their position of notoriety.

Parkinson’s is a disease caused by a multisystemic neurodegenerative process that affects the central nervous system, which causes the appearance of motor and non-motor symptoms. It is a chronic disease and affects differently each person who suffers from it. The evolution can be very slow in some patients and in others it can evolve more quickly. It is not a fatal disease, which means that the person affected will not die from Parkinson’s, but it is disabling, which leads those who suffer from it before retirement age, who are more than 30% of those diagnosed, to retire early or apply for incapacity for work and leave their jobs. In fact, the average of those affected are forced to stop working after five years after their diagnosis.



Michael J. Fox, known for his role in the ‘Back to the Future’ movie saga, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s before he was 30 years old. This fact marked a before and after in his life, with which he continued thanks to the unconditional support of his wife and friends. The Canadian actor showed the first signs of Parkinson’s in 1990 but was not diagnosed until 1991. His illness became public almost seven years later, two years before he retired from acting to dedicate himself to being an activist for the disease through his foundation.
Currently, in addition to successfully continuing his career in Hollywood, the actor has created his own foundation through which he supports and seeks funds to support the search for a cure for the disease.



One of the greatest boxers of all time, retired in 1981, who suffered from Parkinson’s, came after his retirement. The former boxer thus fought for the visibility of this disease and for being an example in whom younger patients could look for inspiration. After leaving behind glorious memories of the string. Since then, the former boxer has had several appearances, such as at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, where the progress of the disease is noted.



In 2018, Neil Diamond canceled his tours after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Days after turning 77, and with a series of concerts ahead, he announced to cancel the tours due to the illness. Neil Diamond may have retired from the ring due to Parkinson’s disease, but the singer said he is working hard to get back on stage.



One of the most important figures in metal was diagnosed in 2003 with the disease and its evolution has forced him to suspend some of his tour dates. The musician has stated that some members of his family have the disease and he inherited it.



The renowned 86-year-old actor revealed that he suffered from the disease, however, he clarified that this has not been an impediment to continuing his career. On some occasions, he has said that he considers it important that people with Parkinson’s know that they can carry out various productive activities even if they are ill.


Little by little, Parkinson’s disease silenced the incredible voice of Linda Ronstadt, the musician who gave us classic hits such as “Hurt too bad”, “Long, long time”, “You’re no good” and the emblematic “Blue Bayou” popular. From the age of 4, Linda Marie Ronstadt, born in Arizona, United States, of a Mexican father, already used to sing. After a successful career in which she has received 12 Grammy Awards, and 4 consecutive platinum albums (she was the first woman to do so), she is no longer capable of achieving a single note that made her a legend. The artist did not mention the disease in “Simple Dreams”, her memoir. And it is that the diagnosis was received only 8 months ago. However, she suspects that symptoms developed over the years, as revealed on the AARP blog and in other media.



Veteran British actor Bob Hoskins, star of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that caused him to retire from the world of acting. Hoskins, who died at the age of 71 due to Pneumonia, began his career in the 1970s on British TV shows like “Thick as Thieves” and “Rock Follies of ’77” before jumping into larger films roles like “The Long Good Friday.” ” in the 1980s and “Mona Lisa” in 1986, which earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor and a Golden Globe win.



Maurice White, drummer and founder of Earth Wind and Fire, died on February 4, 2016, in Los Angeles. White, 74, suffered from Parkinson’s disease and had been away from the stage for twenty years; theoretically, he continued to run the group’s business. White was diagnosed with this disease in 1992, which forced him to leave the stage in 1994. His condition deteriorated severely during the last months.



The British artist who won an Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of Elizabeth II in “The Queen” revealed, according to The Guardian, that she suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, since then, it has joined efforts with the British organization Parkinson’s UK to combat this condition.



It was learned posthumously that the late actor Robin Williams had developed the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. We start with this case because it is important to talk about the disease once it has been diagnosed. In the case of Robin Williams, the trauma of the diagnosis, along with other aspects of his life, pushed him to suicide. An act that marked all his family and followers.