Ben Stiller Reformed His Teenage Punk Band And We’re Excited For Their New Song!

Ben Stiller, the inventor of the “Blue Steel”, was once a punk rocker!

The popular comedian had a teenage punk band called Capital Punishment and they’re dusting off the cobwebs as they unleash a new track ahead of the release of their newest EP called This is Capital Punishment. 

The talented actor and director announced earlier this year that Capital Punishment would be getting back together after more than three decades apart.

Their song Confusion is the band’s first song release in 36 years. The song is actually a remake of one of their earliest tracks. Confusion originally appeared on the band’s 1982 debut EP, Roadkill.

Roadkill is now a collector’s item priced at a whopping $300 on Discogs.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ben Stiller opened up about the revival of the punk band of his youth, saying,

“It’s just such an enjoyable, funny thing to me that this has happened.

“It’s just like the last thing in the world I ever thought would happen, so the unexpected nature of it is really fun. And also the best part about it is, us as friends, you know, being able to get together and play together again, and just reconnect is really, by far, the best part of it.”

The other band members also have very impressive resumes along with Ben Stiller’s! They are very accomplished admirable professionals such as justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona  Peter Swann

Along with Stiller, Capital Punishment is made up of justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona Peter Swann, Czech literature professor Peter Zusi and documentarian Kriss Roebling.

But it looks like these four boys are going back to their passion for punk.

Roebling says about their jam out sessions,

“Nobody was told exactly what to do for their parts, so each member’s contribution had a marked effect on the direction the songs took, and what ultimately they developed into.”

This Is Capital Punishment will be released on November 23 via Captured tracks.