Best Gifts You Can Give To A Classic Rock Fan

Never Too Early To Go Shopping

Some people think choosing the right gift for a classic rock fan is difficult because they’re snobs and they’re picky. Well, we’re not going to deny any of those accusations (HAHA) but the thing is, whether it’s a birthday present or for the holidays, there are several ideas you can steal to make them happy.

Ultimately, it all boils down to them being suckers for anything that’s rock ‘n roll.

Concert Tickets

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Duh? Need we say more? It’s the ultimate present – watching your favorite rockstar while rocking out to classic tunes.


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There are numerous tell-all autobiographies which will tell fans some dirty insider secrets plus you get to take a peek into the psyche and minds of these musical geniuses. Best-sellers include Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles, Volume 1” and Pete Townshend’s “Who I Am: A Memoir.” You can even get The Beatles Anthology if the recipient prefers photos of The Fab Four.

Concert DVDs

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What’s better than witnessing a live performance? It’s getting to relive that experience over and over again. Sure, nothing beats being there in person but hey, it’s the next best thing.

Trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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No classic rock fan will ever refuse a free tour to Cleveland, Ohio to see a piece of rock history. And it’s more fun if you bring along other friends too because there’s a special rate when you come in groups!

Marshall Stack Bar Fridge

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Nothing’s cooler than stocking up on ice cold beer inside a fridge that looks like a Marshall Stack!

Boxed Sets

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If you have extra cash to spare, go for these collectible items.

Monopoly Board Game – Queen Edition

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Okay this is a bit extra but it will make any classic rock fan smile.

Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One Plastic Model Kit

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Whoever you’re giving this to, we’re betting they’re going to display it for everyone to see.

The Beatles Jigsaw Puzzle

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Hours of entertainment and they can frame it too.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego

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It’s going to feel extra nostalgic and brings out the kid in anyone.