Bird Sings “Another One Bites The Dust”

Image Credit: Youtube channel "MrsStr1"

Cover versions of classics have been around since the beginning. However, this doesn’t mean that all covers should be done by hoomans. In the past numerous decades, Queen has remained one of the most covered bands in the history of rock.

With plenty of famous hits, it’s clear to understand why. But what if we tell you not all musicians are hoomans, but some (or one) are cockatiels.

A cockatiel named MAY-cyan has recently made the rounds over the internet with his rendition of Queen’s classics. The owner uploaded the covers to YouTube in 2017, but they have only garnered the attention of Queen fans in recent days.

The covers are surely astonishing, but the question is as to why MAY-cyan has only received attention the attention he deserves recently.

MAY-cyan’s versions of Another One Bites The Dust and Radio Gaga can be watched below while there are other hits that the Cockatiel have covered, these are the two that deservingly need attention.

Something little different for you tonight, so keep going for the video below and enjoy!