Blink-182 Sends Love Letter To The Ramones With New Song

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Blink-182, the iconic pop-punk band, has just dropped a brand new music video that’s sure to bring back waves of nostalgia for punk rock enthusiasts. The video for their latest track, “Dance With Me,” is a heartfelt homage to one of the greatest punk bands of all time, the Ramones.

Directed by the talented Malloy Brothers, the video beautifully captures the essence of the Ramones’ early era.

In the video, Blink-182 members Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker are seen sporting leather jackets and mop-haired wigs, reminiscent of the iconic Ramones look. The trio engages in interviews about punk rock and their latest song, embracing the spirit of rebellion and individuality that defines the punk rock ethos.

During one part of the interview, Hoppus passionately explains:

“Punk is doing what you think is right on your own terms and not answering to anybody else and not letting people tell you how you should live your life.”

The video cleverly incorporates nods to the Ramones’ legacy, including a recreation of the famous “I Wanna Be Sedated” video and other subtle references that fans will delight in discovering.

“This video is a love letter to The @RamonesOfficial,” the band expressed through X, showcasing their deep respect and admiration for the pioneering punk rockers.


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In addition to the exciting new video, Blink-182 fans have more to look forward to.

The band recently announced their upcoming album, “One More Time,” set to release on October 20. Notably, this album marks the return of Tom DeLonge to the band after a two-album hiatus. Already, the album has produced hit singles like “Edging,” “One More Time,” and “More Than You Know,” building anticipation among their dedicated fanbase.

As for their touring schedule, Blink-182 is currently rocking stages across Europe and the U.K. Fans in Las Vegas can catch them for two electrifying shows later this month, with additional tour dates planned for Australia, New Zealand, and South America in the coming months. The band’s relentless energy and devotion to their craft continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, making them a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Stay tuned for more punk rock goodness from Blink-182, as they continue to inspire and entertain fans around the globe.