Bob Dylan AI Gets Mixed Review From Covering “Here Comes The Sun” By The Beatles

via Post Productions / Youtube

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to intersect with the world of music, and a recent endeavor by a YouTube user named Post Productions has garnered attention. Using AI technology, Lims aimed to reimagine material by the iconic Beatles as if it was covered by Bob Dylan himself themselves. The results have sparked both intrigue and debate within the music community.

AI’s Musical Transformation

The fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and music has led to intriguing experiments and creations that push the boundaries of musical expression. In a recent endeavor that caught the attention of music enthusiasts, an AI-generated acoustic cover of George Harrison’s iconic song “Here Comes The Sun,” performed in the style of a young Bob Dylan, emerged as a unique exploration of musical possibilities. This experiment, which seeks to tread the line between innovation and copyright respect, has sparked a mixed reception within the music community.

The AI Acoustic Cover of “Here Comes The Sun”

The brainchild of this experiment involves blending the distinct musical essence of two legendary artists: George Harrison of The Beatles and the poetic voice of Bob Dylan. Using artificial intelligence, an acoustic cover version of “Here Comes The Sun” was crafted, featuring a youthful emulation of Dylan’s voice. The intention behind this endeavor is not to infringe upon copyright but rather to delve into the uncharted territory of musical creativity offered by AI.

Listen to the song below: