Bob Dylan Covers Grateful Dead’s “Stella Blue”

via Bob Dylan / Youtube

Bob Dylan, the legendary singer-songwriter and Nobel laureate continues to surprise and captivate audiences with his eclectic musical choices. During a recent performance at Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, Dylan treated fans to a special rendition of the Grateful Dead’s beloved track, “Stella Blue.” This marked another instance of Dylan paying homage to the iconic band, further solidifying the connection between two musical legends.

Dylan’s Musical Journey with the Grateful Dead

Bob Dylan’s association with the Grateful Dead spans several decades, starting with their joint tour in 1987, which resulted in the collaborative album “Dylan & The Dead.” However, despite their shared history, Dylan had only occasionally incorporated Dead songs into his live performances. Prior to April, he had covered just four Dead tracks throughout his illustrious career: “Friend Of The Devil,” “West L.A. Fadeaway,” “Alabama Getaway,” and “Black Muddy River.” This limited selection made his recent choice to cover “Stella Blue” all the more notable.

“Stella Blue” Takes Center Stage

During his performance at Gran Teatre del Liceu, Dylan delighted fans by taking on the poignant and introspective “Stella Blue” from the Grateful Dead’s 1973 album, “Wake Of The Flood.” The song’s heartfelt lyrics and melancholic melody provided a fitting canvas for Dylan’s distinct interpretation and musical prowess. With his characteristic raspy voice, Dylan breathed new life into the timeless track, adding his own artistic touch while paying homage to the original rendition.

Dylan’s Musical Exploration

Bob Dylan’s recent covers of Grateful Dead songs demonstrate his ongoing musical exploration and willingness to delve into diverse genres and influences. His decision to perform “Truckin'” and “Brokedown Palace” during his Tokyo leg, followed by “Stella Blue” in Barcelona, reflects Dylan’s deep appreciation for the Grateful Dead’s musical legacy. It also showcases his ability to infuse his unique style into beloved classics, giving them a fresh perspective for both die-hard Dylan fans and admirers of the Grateful Dead.

Listen to Bob Dylan’s cover of “Stella Blue” below: