Bon Jovi Honors NYC Workers With “Do What You Can” Video

via @jonbonjovifansglobal | Instagram

Singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi released a clip in which he pays homage to New York City (USA) workers during the current coronavirus pandemic in Do What You Can.

The clip opens with reports about the city ordering a “shelter in place” after reaching the “critical mass” with the COVID-19 crisis: “New Yorkers have the reputation of being tough, of being resilient,” reporters say. “New York will get through this. We will get through this.”

Jon Bon Jovi appears wearing a mask, walking around the city and waving to people.

“Shooting a video on nearly empty streets of Manhattan amid a global crisis really told the story of ‘Do What You Can’ from the place where I lived it,” Jon Bon Jovi said in a statement. “And I know those empty streets look similar to so many parts of America battling this pandemic. But the story of everyday heroes showing amazing courage was inspiring to see, and the video, much like the song, has a great deal of hope in it too.”

“Do What You Can” is an integral part of 2020, Bon Jovi’s new album, which will be released on October 2 by Universal Music, via Island Records.