Bon Scott’s Final TV Appearance with AC/DC

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Brace Yourselves

Shortly before recording the album that would catapult them into worldwide recognition and fame, “Back in Black,” AC/DC frontman Bon Scott tragically died on February 19, 1980. His body was found lifeless in a car after a night of heavy drinking. However, just nine days before his death, he and the rest of the band were guests at a Spanish television program called “Aplauso.”

Angus Young was, as usual, a big ball of energy. But of course, Bon Scott held his own too. He wasn’t exactly the type to be outdone by anybody.

“By the way he carried himself, you really thought that Bon Scott was immortal. He would drink like a fish, and when you saw him the next morning, he’d be no worse for wear. And you’d think to yourself, ‘How does this guy do this?’” – Angus Young

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This is pure rock ‘n roll. It’s so intense and wild, who cares if they’re not really playing live? Besides, Bon Scott always delivers the goods and this one is no exception. When he took the stage, he became someone else – a superstar, an entertainer, a rocker through and through.

“I wasn’t sure Bon was right – he was older and had been in the teeny-bop Valentines then the hippy Fraternity. But it worked. Bon took the role on like a character actor. He was the missing link. He made them real.” – Michael Browning

He may have had a bit of a reputation when it came to partying and drinking but that didn’t mean even his closest buddies weren’t shocked. He was always larger-than-life and he had this aura of invincibility that he seemed as if no one and nothing can ever touch him. Thus, his death was a huge blow not just to his bandmates but for the rock ‘n roll world as well.