Bret Michaels Apparently Has A Secret Bandana Folding Technique

via Briggs Ashman / Youtube

In a new video released on social media, Poison singer and famous rock artist Bret Michaels reveals how he wraps his characteristic bandana.

As Poison fans and hair metal aficionados are probably aware, Michaels, who is also renowned for his reality TV appearances on Rock of Love and The Celebrity Apprentice, usually wears the headpiece style. It’s become such an iconic aspect of the musician’s persona that it’s difficult to envision him without a bandana or other type of headwear.

Do you want to know how he folds it? You can watch the video below.

“Hello, my friends — it’s Bret,” the singer begins. “A lot of people ask me about the Bret Michaels ‘patented’ headband diamond fold. For the ol’ bandana to fit any size head, it is like this.”

Poison will begin backing Motley Crue and Def Leppard on their “Stadium Tour” throughout North America next month. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the tour was canceled twice.

Keep going for the video below: