Brian May Gives Exclusive Insight About Freddie Mercury’s Image

via @brianmayforreal | Instagram

Brian May tackled the generally held belief that Freddie Mercury was the band’s boss in an episode with SiriusXM’s Debatable. Despite popular belief, May said, Freddie was the one who managed to keep the gang intact.

During Mercury’s lifetime, Queen was renowned for its democratic recording studio. Each of the four members would contribute vocals, instruments, and songwriting. But Freddie Mercury was always the band’s charismatic frontman who stood out. As a result, some people readily accepted him as the band’s frontman and the band’s chief creative force.

Mercury stated there was no group leader despite being the most visible member. He made it clear that all he did was sing lead for the band. He would claim that all four members of the group made an equal contribution. Brian May recently addressed this inaccurate perception about Freddie Mercury and asserted that the true circumstance was the contrary.

The musician characterized Mercury as a self-centered person who would insist on getting his way. Nevertheless, he was the one who managed to keep the gang together. The guitarist also recalls Freddie’s comments about the band being democratic and about not being its leader.

He attested to the accuracy of what Mercury had said. He believed that each of the group’s four members had a voice, which inevitably led to some conflicts among them. Nevertheless, Mercury was able to keep them together so that they could continue to make music. They all owe the late leader a great deal in this aspect, according to May.

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