Brian May Gives Honest Opinion On How We Behave As Humans

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Brian May, the renowned guitarist of the iconic rock band Queen, is not only a rock legend but also a man of profound intelligence and insight. With a PhD in astrophysics, May has a unique perspective on the state of our planet and our responsibilities as humans. In a recent interview with Sky News, he discussed the pressing issues of climate change, environmental pollution, and the urgent need for a change in human behavior.

Earth’s Urgent Call: A Major Change of Philosophy

Brian May, a staunch advocate for environmental causes, expressed his concern about humanity’s detrimental impact on Earth. He acknowledged the evident effect of human activity on the planet, citing climate change and extensive pollution as pressing issues. He stressed the need for immediate action, stating:

“Well, I think it’s now pretty apparent that we are having an effect on the earth, which is deleterious, and we need to stop doing what we’re doing. It’s not just about climate change; it’s about the way we’re polluting the earth and covering it in concrete and basically pretty much eliminating all species except the ones that we think are useful to us. So I think we need a major, major change of philosophy in the way we treat the other creatures with which we share this planet.”

He continued:

“So I did say [that about humans needing to sort out how they behave on their own planet first] at one of the Starmus conventions [a global festival of science communication and art], and I said it in front of a number of men who had walked upon the moon, feeling very nervous. But they all came up afterwards and said, ‘You were right to say that, Brian. We have to behave better on our own planet before we go out putting our imprint on the rest of the cosmos.'”

Brian May’s Vision: A Glimpse into Space Exploration

In addition to his musical achievements, Brian May has also ventured into space exploration. Collaborating on a book featuring 3D photographs of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, May displayed his passion for planetary science and astrophysics. The book, based on images gathered by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, showcases his dedication to understanding the cosmos.

Brian May’s work in the field of space exploration highlights his belief in the importance of scientific inquiry and curiosity about the universe. It underscores the notion that, as we explore beyond our planet, we should do so with a sense of responsibility and respect for the celestial bodies we encounter.

 The Multifaceted Brian May: Activist, Blogger, and Author

Beyond his musical prowess, Brian May is an individual of diverse talents and passions. He is an active advocate for animal welfare, reflecting his compassion for all living beings. His contributions extend to writing, blogging, and engaging in causes close to his heart. May’s influence extends far beyond the stage, as he uses his platform to inspire change and encourage others to take action for the greater good.

Watch the interview below: