Brian May Recalls Regret Trying To Go Up Against Eddie Van Halen

via Radio X / Youtube

In a candid interview with Guitar Player, legendary guitarist Brian May opened up about a regretful incident involving the iconic Eddie Van Halen.

May reflected on their friendship during his ‘Star Fleet Project’ and revealed an unforgettable mistake.

May confessed:

“Ed I knew as a friend, but I’d very seldom had the chance to hang out with him. I got very drunk with him one night, ill-advisedly because he could drink and I couldn’t. So I tried to match him, and it was a terrible mistake. I ended up falling over in his bathroom in his hotel room… That’s another story [laughs].”

Despite their collaboration, May expressed one regret regarding their friendship.

Last year, he explained:

“And I’ve been talking to Alex [Van Halen] and started thinking about how I wish I had stayed closer to Ed. I have a huge regret about that. He was a wonderful soul – a Peter Pan who never grew up, never wanted to grow up, and never should have grown up.”

May also shared his admiration for Eddie’s exceptional guitar skills, acknowledging that he sometimes felt outmatched in the studio.

Nevertheless, he cherished the experience of being around such a talented individual.

In a thrilling update, May announced his return to the studio in November 2022, working on a new project that includes previously unreleased guitar recordings by Van Halen. Furthermore, on July 14, 2023, ‘Star Fleet Project’ made a triumphant return with the reissue of additional session recordings and alternate versions, collectively known as ‘Star Fleet Sessions.’