Brian May Reveals The Bands He Always Wanted To Join

via @brianmayforreal | Instagram

Brian May, the iconic guitarist and founding member of the legendary rock band Queen, has always been celebrated for his immense talent and creativity. Recently, May sat down for an interview with The Guardian, where he answered fan questions and shared intriguing insights into his musical influences and dreams. The guitarist revealed the bands he always wanted to join if Queen had never come to fruition, expressing admiration for the legendary Beatles and the trailblazing Led Zeppelin.

The Beatles: A Beacon of Creativity

When asked which band he would have joined if Queen didn’t exist, Brian May wasted no time in expressing his desire to be part of the iconic Beatles. He admired their unparalleled creativity and could relate to the incredible level of innovation that they brought to the music industry. Watching the 2021 docuseries, ‘Get Back,’ which chronicles The Beatles’ journey in the studio, brought back memories for May. He shared how he could see similarities between Queen’s studio experiences and The Beatles’, where the process wasn’t always smooth, but they ultimately found their musical magic.

May elaborated:

“The Beatles, probably. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been easy to be a Beatle, but that incredible level of creativity, I would relate to.”

He continued:

“I watched a lot of ‘Get Back.’ I got a bit sad watching the first one because it reminded me of us – sometimes Queen in the studio would be [inhales nervously], ‘Here we are, and things aren’t quite fitting.’ I felt they were in quite a painful place – but the second one, I felt like they were really finding each other again. It’s a textbook of how to be in a studio.”

Led Zeppelin’s Impact on Queen

Brian May didn’t stop at just one dream band; he also mentioned his admiration for the iconic Led Zeppelin. In January, May spoke to Total Guitar and revealed how Zeppelin’s influence played a role in creating Queen’s classic song, ‘Now I’m Here.’ He acknowledged the impact of Jimmy Page and John Bonham’s musicianship on his band and how hearing Zeppelin for the first time made them feel they were on the right path.

He expressed:

“If it wasn’t the Beatles, it could’ve been Led Zeppelin. If they let me in.”

May continued:

“Those guys were not far ahead of us in age, but the first time we heard Zeppelin, we thought, ‘Oh, my God, this is where we’re trying to get to, and they’re already there!'”

Despite feeling that they had missed the boat at times compared to Zeppelin’s success, May emphasized that Queen’s musical vision was distinct and set them on their own extraordinary journey.